How do I deposit funds?

If you are depositing for the first time, you should see the "Add Funds" button on the landing page as soon as you open your GoldPass wallet. Otherwise, if you already have deposited funds or have gold holdings: If you swipe to the right, while looking at you GoldPass wallet, you will see the AUD or USD page (depending on your currency of choice) with two buttons displayed at the bottom of screen “Deposit” and “Withdraw”. By tapping “Deposit” it will reveal the bank account information you require to deposit funds into your GoldPass wallet. All you need to do to deposit funds into your wallet is make a bank transfer, using the bank account information provided on this screen. Each account number is unique to each GoldPass wallet to allow for automated integration to the banking system and speed up transfer times. Funds are then credited to GoldPass multiple times per day to ensure fast turnaround times for the transfer of funds.
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