How do I buy Gold?

In order to buy Gold, you need an Australian Dollars balance in your account. To add Australian Dollars to your account: 1) navigate to AUD "Deposit" 2) take careful note of the account number listed 3) make a bank transfer to us, including your name in the transaction description 4) wait until we receive the funds; once we receive your funds we will add AUD balance to your account Once you have an Australian Dollars balance, you can buy Gold instantly: 1) navigate to GOLD by swiping left/right on the app home screen 2) select "Trade" 3) select "Buy" 4) enter amount 5) confirm 6) view summary 7) return to app home screen; your Gold balance will now be updated Once you have a Gold balance, you can: 1) hold your Gold balance as an investment 2) send your Gold to someone 3) redeem your digital Gold Tokens for physical Gold 4) sell your Gold for Australian Dollars
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