Why is my Send declined?

It's only possible to send Gold to existing GoldPass accounts. If you'd like to send Gold to a friend that doesn't hold a GoldPass account yet - ask them to sign up. When entering the recipient, ensure that it's the email address that the recipient used to open their GoldPass account. You can verify this by asking them to check their Account ID in the app Settings. Due to regulatory constraints, some restrictions apply around which GoldPass accounts you're able to Send funds to. You and the recipient must share the following account details: - Verified Identity - Personal account type (if you hold a Business account, you cannot use the Send functionality to send, nor receive) - Same account currency (if you hold a USD account, you can only Send to other USD accounts) - Same residential country (if you completed your identity verification with an address located in the USA, you can only Send to other USA verified accounts) Unfortunately, even if you hold two GoldPass accounts under the same name, if the currency, country and account type of those accounts do not match, you will not be able to transfer funds between your accounts.
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